Sada na stažení pružin tlumičů Mercedes, Škoda, VW Asta

Kód: A-SD1001
Značka: ASTA
2 690 Kč 2 223,14 Kč bez DPH
Skladem (> 3 ks)

Sada prostředků no demontáž  pružin, tlumičů Asta

Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

Sada na stažení pružin tlumičů Mercedes, Škoda, VW

Maximální možnost stlačení je 2500 kg.

Pracovní rozsah: 110 mm - 280 mm

Modely aut:

- Ø 70/130 mm Mercedes Benz (W116, 123, 124 ,129 ,170, 201, 202, 210, 230)
- Ø 90/150 mm Mercedes Benz (W126, 140, 100, 200, 230 ) Opel, GM, Peugeot(406,605) Rover, Hyunday, Saab, Volvo, VW, Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Škoda a jiné.

Kvalitní přípravek renomovaného producenta ASTA, určený nejen k profesionálnímu používání

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Stahováky
Hmotnost: 3 kg
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GH Avatar autora Vyrobce ASTA 4.2.2020 15:45
Asta neni rakousky vyrobce. S pozdravem Gustav ASTA TOOLS is one of the fastest growing companies in the tool business combining high quality, innovative and perfectly adjusted tools for every task. Our engineers and economists in Taipei work hard to invent and introduce the best products not only in quality but also in price as the bridge between quality and price goes hand in hand during these tough times. ASTA TOOLS is working with over 200 sub-contractors located in JAPAN, TAIWAN, POLAND and CHINA to meet the high standards of ASTA TOOLS both on product quality and timely delivery. With the very close relationship that we have with our employees and the healthy, long term cooperation with our manufacturing partners we can provide consistent product quality assurance which meets European and American standards, and producing or assembling tools for both our leading brands: ASTA and SATRA.